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My involvement with Intel Teach to the Future and TCET has been both fun and rewarding.
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About TCET

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The first Texas Long-Range Plan for Technology, 1988-2000 called for the creation of a center for research in educational technology, which became the Texas Center for Educational Technology (TCET). TCET was legislatively established in 1990 and the contract was awarded to the University of North Texas. Since that time, TCET has grown steadily to become nationally recognized in research and development in the area of educational technology for today's educational environments.

TCET is well known through the management of a variety of projects:

  • Technology Leadership Institute
    • One of the original 1999 Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology Catalyst projects created over 100 multimedia products, contributed to Texas technology certifications, and established a network of teacher preparation institutions across a five-state region.
    • Home to a library of online instruments to assess technology funded by the SouthCentral Regional Technology in Education Consortium.
  • Higher Education Network
    • Another SouthCentral Regional Technology in Education Consortium project for the support of cadres interested in technology for education across a five-state region.
  • United Star Distance Learning Consortium (USDLC) Star Schools Project
    • TCET was a major contributor to this multi-state educational consortium with a proven record of innovation and success in the production and distribution of educational programming.
  • Technology Applications Center for Educator Development
    • The Texas Education Agency recognized TCET as the Technology Applications Center for Educator Development to assist Texas teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum.
  • Intel® Teach to the Future
    • TCET was selected as one of two Regional Training Agencies in Texas for the Intel® Teach to the Future program. This program trained over 20,000 Texas teachers in technology integration.
  • Super Collider Opportunities for Public Education (SCOPE)
    • TCET utilized equipment and resources from the Super Collider Project to create unique learning opportunities in Science.
  • ThinkQuest
    • TCET is the Texas state partner for ThinkQuest.
  • Technology Applications Certification Program
    • Offered Technology Applications 8-12 certification and graduate credit to over 1,200 Texas teachers.
  • Texas STARgate
    • Provides online professional development based on the State Board for Educator Certification standards.
  • Master's Across Technology (MAT)
    • Online graduate program leading to a Computer Education and Cognitive Systems (CECS) Master's in Teaching and Learning with Technology, along with preparation for several Technology Applications certifications.
  • Evaluations
    • TCET has evaluated, and continues to evaluate, numerous state and regional technology projects.
  • Web-based Product Development
    • TCET created over 100 Web Library modules, professional development materials showcasing Intel® Teach to the Future teachers, professional development materials for Texas school districts, and more.
  • Sharing Technology Applications Resources with Teachers (START)
    • An initial educator awareness package was produced by TCET and distributed to curriculum coordinators and technology coordinators in school districts to assist classroom teachers in the planning and preparation for the Technology Applications TEKS.

Featured Project

Intel® Teach to the Future

TCET houses the North Texas Regional Training Authority for the Intel® Teach to the Future program, which trains classroom teachers to promote inquiry-based learning and effectively integrate the use of computers into their existing curriculum to increase their students' learning and achievement. The training consists of 40 hours of hands-on instruction delivered by means of 10 curricular modules.