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Stages of Adoption of Technology

Please read the descriptions of each of the six stages related to adoption of technology. Choose the stage that best describes where you are in the adoption of technology.

I am aware that technology exists but have not used it - perhaps I'm even avoiding it. I am anxious about the prospect of using computers.

I am currently trying to learn the basics. I am sometimes frustrated using computers. I lack confidence when using computers.

I am beginning to understand the process of using technology and can think of specific tasks in which it might be useful.

I am gaining a sense of confidence in using the computer for specific tasks. I am starting to feel comfortable using the computer.

I think about the computer as a tool to help me and am no longer concerned about it as technology. I can use it in many applications and as an instructional aid.

I can apply what I know about technology in the classroom. I am able to use it as an instructional tool and integrate it into the curriculum.

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