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Technology Integration Phases

Please read the descriptions of each of the phases of classroom technology integration. Choose the description that best fits both your personal and classroom confidence level.

I know the importance of computers and related technologies. I have some basic skills but do not think I have sufficient expertise to use technology without assistance. I rarely require the use of technology to complete assignments.

I know the basics of many software packages and can select the appropriate one for a specific task. My students use a word processor or other basic software packages occasionally to complete assignments.

I can use more than one software package in the creation of a single product. I use technology in preparation, instruction and evaluation. My students use a variety of software programs regularly in the construction of curriculum based products.

I often use software to solve specific problems in ways I have not seen others try. My students use not only computers but other related technology equipment in curriculum based projects by analyzing resources and creating new knowledge.

I share my knowledge of computers and related technologies through modeling, peer coaching and mentoring. I encourage students and co-workers to experiment with different software and technologies.

Give an example that supports your selection.