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Teacher Technology Survey

This survey establishes baseline data about technology skills. Individual respondents will not be identified and individual responses will remain confidential. Please rank each statement on the scale indicated. Thank you for your valuable time and input.

Please rank the following statements from "Almost Never" to "Almost Always"
Almost Never Sometimes Usually Almost Always
I am able to open and exit programs; including starting up and shutting down the computer properly.
I am able to save and retrieve a file from the hard drive; including saving the file to a designated folder.
I am able to print to a desktop printer and to a network printer, including using print preview to modify my product prior to printing.
I am able to create directories and folders; including changing file names, deleting files, copying files, and navigating a folder hierarchy.
I am able to load, preview, evaluate, and use software for instruction; including selecting the most appropriate software for classroom objectives.
Almost Never Sometimes Usually Almost Always
I am able to perform the following operations in a word processing program select, cut, copy, paste, change size/ style, and spell check text.
I am able to format paragraph text, columns, tables, margins, and tab settings.
I am able to import clip art and special characters into a variety of programs; including word processing, spreadsheets, and web pages.
I am able to make backup discs; including file backups and system backups.
I am able to access the Internet; including performing searches, setting bookmarks, following links, and saving a web page.
Almost Never Sometimes Usually Almost Always
I am able to use word processing software to prepare class materials, including tests, handouts, and other materials.
I am able to prepare lesson plans that involve the specific use of software to accomplish classroom goals.
I am able to use create a presentation and deliver the presentation using appropriate software.
I am able to work with more than one software program at a time; including toggling between all open programs as needed.
I am able to adhere to software licensing agreements and comply with with copyright law and guidelines.
Almost Never Sometimes Usually Almost Always
I am able to apply electronic search strategies, including the use of keyword searches and using Boolean operators.
I am able to use varied communication tools (e-mail, groupware, fax, chat, and threaded discussions) to participate in group projects.
I am able to participate in electronic communities as a learner, initiator, contributor, or mentor.
I am able to use basic design principles to create products appropriatefor a defined audience.
I am able to create charts and tables using spreadsheets and databases; including publishing the information in the most appropriate form.
Almost Never Sometimes Usually Almost Always
I am able to use multiple technology tools; including CD-ROM, video cameras, VCRs, scanners, digital cameras, etc.
I am able to locate graphics (including web and clip art sources); including inserting and manipulating graphics (sizing, grouping, arranging, etc.).
I am able to use a database; including adding records, sorting records, adding fields, editing fields, and creating simple layouts.
I am able to use a database and a word processing program to create a mail merge and mailing labels.
Almost Never Sometimes Usually Almost Always
I am able to use a spreadsheet; including entering data, adding functions and formulas, editing cell and sheet, and sorting information.
I am able to use e-mail; including send/receive, forward/reply, save/ archive, create/use address books, and send attachments.
I am able to use and understand technology terminology appropriately as it relates to my job.
I am able to create using multimedia authoring programs; including creating linear/ nonlinear programs incorporating text, graphics, audio, and video.
I am able to use interactive virtual environments, such as virtual reality or simulations.
Almost Never Sometimes Usually Almost Always
I am able to locate/ retrieve information from remote sources; including using distant data for analysis.
I am able to publish information in a variety of ways and for a variety of audiences.
I am able to employ a process to determine that product and process can be evaluated using a rubric or criteria.
I am able to use technology to make my class more active and more interesting for students.
I am able to use administrative software; including grade reporting and/ or attendance software.
Almost Never Sometimes Usually Almost Always
I am able to use sophisticated data collection strategies (i.e. -- using online surveys in conjunction with database activities).
I am able to evaluate technology projects based on a rubric developed jointly with students.
I am able to experiment with technology to create unique and different products.
I am able to perform simple troubleshooting tasks; minimizing dependence on technical support.