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TARGET Grant Project

Master's Degree

Master's Across Technology (MAT), an online master's program in Teaching and Learning with Technology, is a 36 semester hour M.S. degree. The degree, offered by the Computer Education and Cognitive Systems (CECS) program in the Department of Technology and Cognition at the University of North Texas, consists of core courses, certification courses, and elective courses.

  • Core Courses
    • CECS 5210: Instructional Systems Design
    • CECS 5310: Human-Computer Interaction
    • CECS 5580: Reading Seminar in CECS
    • CECS 5610: Analysis of Research in Educational Technology or EDER 5210: Educational Statistics
  • Certification Courses
    • CECS 5020: Computers in Education
    • CECS 5030: Introduction to the Internet
    • CECS 5110: Multimedia in Technology Applications
    • CECS 5111: Introduction to Video Technology
    • CECS 5500: Computer Applications for Curriculum & Instruction
    • CECS 5800: Practicum
  • Elective Courses
    • CECS 5400: Educational Telecommunications
    • CECS 5570: Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Computing

Featured Project

Verizon Literacy

Verizon, TCET, and Strickland Middle School are using Dell Pocket PCs to aid students with limited English proficiency and specific needs related to organizational and social skills.