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Technology Evaluation Division

TCET evaluators are committed to providing accurate and timely project evaluation services to allow projects to meet reporting requirements. Evaluators from TCET are qualified to design and conduct quantitative, qualitative, and blended evaluations using traditional and online data collection methods. Evaluators will consult with project leadership to define the scope, method, and design of the evaluation.

SCRTEC InsightTCET provides project staff with timely information to adjust and adapt project processes throughout the project while ensuring that rigorous data collection and analysis standards allow the project to undergo intense scrutiny. TCET believes that the intent of evaluation is to allow project staff access to information that may be difficult for staff to gather and to provide an "outside" look at the project.

The Texas Center for Educational Technology (TCET) has evaluated an impressive number of technology-related projects. These projects range from single district programs to multi-state projects. Over the previous 15 years, TCET has evaluated several Federal projects and more than 57 Texas projects involving over 1,250 school districts.

TCET will work with you to customize your evaluation plan to fit your needs and budget.

Featured Project

Intel® Teach to the Future

TCET houses the North Texas Regional Training Authority for the Intel® Teach to the Future program, which trains classroom teachers to promote inquiry-based learning and effectively integrate the use of computers into their existing curriculum to increase their students' learning and achievement. The training consists of 40 hours of hands-on instruction delivered by means of 10 curricular modules.