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Navigation: Then and Now

  • Activities
    • Map Projection
      • Instructions on how to make different types of map projections using soda bottle. -Gulf of Maine Aquarium
  • Ancient Tools
    • The Hourglass
      • This site defines the term, relates the history, and provides examples and its technologies. Audio version available. - John H. Lienhard
    • The Mariner's Astrolabe
      • A definition of and an explanation of how an astrolabe works.
    • Navigation
      • An article discussing early navigational techniques, an introduction of navigational instruments, and modern navigational tools. -Columbia Encyclopedia
    • Navigation: The Mariner's Quadrant
      • A definition of the quadrant, its history, and how to build a simple quadrant.
    • The Road to the Magnetic North Pole
      • An article on the history of magnetic north pole and how it affects the compass. -Truls Hansen
  • Modern Tools
    • Electronic Charting
      • A discussion about electronic charting, choosing a system, comparing the primary electronic chart formats, proprietary charts, electronic charting software & chart makers and other navigation resources.
    • Moving Map
      • A touch screen controlled demonstration of a moving map. -WinPilot
    • Understanding and Using a Compass
      • The history of compasses and how to use modern compasses. -RayTalson, Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia
  • Maps