Digital Curricula

Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

Technology and online spaces are increasingly the way through which learners and their instructors meet and work together to achieve learning goals. Team members at TCET are always exploring new ways to enhance pedagogy involving computer-supported collaborative learning. Ultimately, technology in education is only as effective as the principles and expertise that guide its usage. With this in mind, Drs. Cathleen Norris and Elliot Soloway, through the University of Michigan Center for Digital Curricula, have collaborated to develop a digital curricula to meet the needs of students studying both in class and at home with a computing device. The process involves students working with computers to engage with content that is "deeply digital" and "seamless" as students transtion to study in different settings. Through the use of Collabrify and digital roadmaps, instructors are able to design lessons for various subjects that meet their specific learning goals in context to the specific learning needs of their students.