Dr. Gary Natriello
Department of Human Development
Columbia University, USA


        Dr. Natriello is the Gottesman Professor of Educational Research and Professor of Sociology and Education in the Department of Human Development at Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Natriello‚Äôs research interests include school organization, evaluation, at-risk youth, and the sociology of online learning. Dr. Natriello is the author of several books, such as Schooling Disadvantaged Children: Racing Against Catastrophe (with E.L. McDill and A.M. Pallas). Recent articles include: Data Mining Journals and Books: Using the Science of Networks to Uncover the Structure of the Educational Research Community (with Brian Carolan); Modest Changes, Revolutionary Possibilities: Distance Learning and the Future of Education and Imagining, Seeking, Inventing: The Future of Learning and Emerging Discovery Networks. Dr. Natriello directs the Gottesman Libraries and is the executive editor of the Teachers College Record. He is also a past editor of the American Educational Research Journal and a past-chair of the Publications Committee of the American Educational Research Association.