Dr. Xiaoqing Gu
Department of Education Information Technology
East China Normal University, CHINA

        Dr. Xiaoqing Gu is a professor and head of Department of Educational Information Technology, East China Normal University. Her research has focused primarily on ICT in education, including learning design, ICT-supported content design and development, ICT-integrated pedagogical innovation, computer-supported collaborative learning, and learning analytics to inform pedagogical design. Dr. Gu has well cited publications appeared in Chinese peer reviewed journals such as E-education Research, China Educational Technology among others. As well, she has some research articles published in International peer reviewed journals including Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, Educational Technology & Society, Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, and Magazine for Managers of Change in Education. In addition to three books she authored in Chinese, she also co-authored a book chapter of a UNESCO Publication, The Chinese Approach in Perspectives on Distance Education: Lifelong Learning and Distance Higher Education. She is also the International Advisory Board of the British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET), Board member of Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, Journal of Computer in Education, Education Technology Research and Development, Internet and Higher Education, and Journal of East China Normal University (Educational Science). Dr. Gu’s areas of expertise include Theory and Practice in E-learning, ICT-integrated Pedagogy.