Human-Technology Frontier symposium hosted by TCET

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TCET Symposium: The Human-Technology Frontier: Understanding the Learning of Now to Prepare for the Work of the Future

        TCET symposium entitled “The Human-Technology Frontier: Understanding the Learning of Now to Prepare for the Work of the Future” took place at LT Agora, Discovery Park, UNT, from May 16 to May 18. This event was organized by Dr. Lin Lin and Dr. Mike Spector and sponsored by AECT.

Dr. Spector and Dr. Lin

        The symposium aimed at advocating the attention to Human Intelligence 0.2 other than Artificial Intelligence 2.0 and exploring the future cooperation between TCET and the institutes around the world.


Kinshuk, Dean, College of Informaion

UNT President Smatresk

   UNT President Smatresk and COI dean Kinshuk addressed the opening ceremony. Overall, around 80 participants involved in this event, they are coming from Canada, China, Germany, Slovenia, and the USA.  In this symposium, multiple disciplines were actively involved, including artificial intelligence, biology, brain science, computer science, learning psychology, human factors, instructional design, linguistics, and technology integration. The participants included professors and graduate students at multiple institutions, school leaders and technologists, professional associations, educational technology center leaders and developers, and industry representatives (NetDragon and Chalk). Such as AECT Executive Director, Dr. Phil Harris, Past President of AECT, Dr. Brad Hokanson, Founder & Chairman of NetDragon Websoft, Mr. Dejian Liu, Professor of Columbia University, Dr. Gary Natriello, Professors of University of Texas, Dr. Marc Schwartz and Dr. George Siemens, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of University of Michigan, Dr. Elliot Soloway, Visiting Professor of Standford University, Dr. Vinay K. Chaudhri, CEO of Chalk, Mr. William Zhou, Professor of East China Normal University, Dr. Xiaoqing Gu, Professors of Bejing Normal University, Dr. Ronghuai Huang, Dr. Yonghe Zheng, Professor and Chair of Learning, Design and Technology, University of Mannheim, Dr. Dirk Ifenthaler , Director of SPARQ Innovation Program, Ms. Laura Cole, Regent Professor of UNT, Dr. Cathleen Norris, Director of NetDragon Digital Research Centre of UNT, Dr. Thomas D. Parsons etc. Most of top scholars gave a short presentation, which was followed by highly interactive discussions and small group activities.


   Speech by Dr. Harris and Dr.Honkanson 


Speech By Dr. George Siemens  




         The working committee consisted of LT professors, doctoral students and visiting scholars at UNT. The participants represented a highly diverse group with multiple perspectives. Everyone who participated was interested in helping to dramatically improve and transform learning and instruction through effective and strategic use of new technologies. Immediate outcomes will include short reports, an edited book proposal to the AECT Books and Briefs series, and several collaborative projects.

Dr.Lin, Mr. Dejian Liu, Dr. Huang, etc.