2018 Working Committee

Organizer: Dr. Lin Lin
Areas of interest:
Interactions between mind, brain, and technology in complex learning environments
University of North Texas

Co-Organizer: Dr. J. Michael Spector
Areas of interest: 
Intelligent support for instructional design, system dynamics based learning environments, assessing learning in complex domains, distance learning, and technology integration in education
University of North Texas

Debbie Cockerham
PhD Candidate 
Areas of interest:
Smartphone addiction and digital responsibility; learning disabilities, ADHD, and ASD; effective communication; mind, brain, and education
University of North Texas

Fischer Huang
PhD Candidate
Areas of interest:
Using technologies to improve students’ and employees’ performances in the hospitality and tourism field, e-learning, distance learning, and talent management in hospitality and tourism field
University of North Texas

Shanshan MA
PhD Student
Areas of interest:
Learning technologies; Intelligent Instructional System Design; Critical thinking, etc. 
University of North Texas

Xue/Michelle Yang
PhD Student
Areas of interest: Sketchnoting; Media literacy; Media communication
University of North Texas

Chuxin Fu
Master's Student(UNT Visiting Scholar)
Areas of interest: Learning analytics; Critical thinking; CSCL
East China Normal University

Qing Li
Lecturer(UNT Visiting Scholar)
Areas of interest: Applied linguistics; Translation theory and practice; Learning technologies for foreign language learning and teaching
Chongqing University of Science and Technology

Dr. Andreja Istenič Starcic
Professor (UNT Visiting Scholar)
Areas of interest: Educational Technology; Teacher Education, Professional Development
University of Ljubljana

Yanrong Tong
Associate Professor(UNT Visiting Scholar)
Areas of Interest: Instructional design, online learning and technology integration in education
University of Jinan

Dr. Xue Wang
Lecturer (UNT Visiting Scholar)
Areas of Interest: Learning resources of online learning environments; The Language of Multimedia Design and Technology Enhanced Learning
Tianjin Normal University

Dr. Xuefeng Wei
Associate Professor (UNT Visiting Scholar)
Areas of interest: Critical thinking; Problem solving and cognitive simulation; Technology enhanced learning
Ludong University

Xiaozhe Yang
PhD Candidate (UNT Visiting Scholar)
Areas of interest: Virtual reality; Digital technologies
East China Normal University

Dr. Xuesong Zhai (UNT Visiting Scholar)
Associate Professor
Areas of interest: Smart learning environments; Intelligent campus
Anhui Jianzhu University