3rd Grade Science

 Science Roadmaps Overview 


We gratefully acknowledge Lucas Education Research for its support of the Multiple Literacies in Project Based Learning Project (ML-PBL). PI: Dr. J. Krajcik, Michigan State University, MSU CREATE for STEM, Co-PI’s: Dr. Annemarie Palincsar, University of Michigan, and Emily Miller, Independent Consultant. As well, we wish to acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation (#1123965, #1249312)


The Science curricula are aligned with the Texas TEKS and are based on the NGSS – Next Generation Science Standards. It covers four units including Squirrels & Stegosauruses, Building Toys, Birds, and Community Gardens.

Teacher Version Roadmap of the Full Year Curricula for Science 

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Either click on the picture or UMCDC 3rd Grade ML-PBL Units (19-20) to view the sample Roadmap. This will open your own copy of the Roadmap in https://roadmap.center that you can personalize and send to your students. (Please make sure you have created an account for yourself at https://roadmap.center beforehand.) Also check out the How-To Videos to learn how to use, modify, and share your Roadmap.

 Example of the Teacher Version of a Science Roadmap Unit 


Either click on the picture or “Toys”.  to view the sample unit.

**For more information on our Science Roadmaps Please feel free to contact tcet@unt.edu

 Example Lesson of the Student Version of a Science Roadmap 


Either click on the picture or “Explain Moving Toys”  to view the sample lesson.