Deeply-Digital, TEKS-Aligned, OER Curricula: Engaging and Effective!

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Experience the Future of Digital Curricula – TODAY! Improve Learning by Using Proven, OER Curricula in Your K-5 Classrooms

  • Full-year, TEKS-aligned, deeply-digital, Open Educational Resource, lessons for K-5, for ELAR, math, social studies, science & SEL – use as is, or personalize to meet the needs of your classes
  • K-5 curricula are free, OER via the Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-SA.
  • Used effectively in Michigan by 5,000+ students in AY 2020-21 in rural & urban, Title 1, K-12 schools.
  • Students earned top proficiency and growth scores on the NWEA (reading, math, science) tests.
  • Seamless Learning: the same digital curricula are used for F2F, remote and hybrid learning contexts.
  • Visually engaging lessons for students, entirely modifiable by teachers.
  • Distributed by the Texas Center for Educational Technology (TCET) at the University of North Texas & developed by the Center for Digital Curricula, College of Engineering, University of Michigan (UMich.CDC).
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“Everything the students and I needed was in one place – in the Roadmap.” – 3rd Grade Teacher, rural Michigan.

“We found [Roadmap lessons] super useful for both virtual and in person instruction.” – K-5 Instructional Coach, urban Michigan

“Our relationship with the University of Michigan has really changed how successful we were able to be this year – I believe that [the curricula & Collabrify] helped us be flexible.” – Elementary School Principal, rural Michigan

“Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas”

In this visionary document, digital curricula is identified as playing a pivotal role in public education in Texas. “Technology development has … resulted in widespread change in the way students learn. To keep students fully engaged, schools must adapt to this new and rapidly changing environment. They must embrace the potential of new technologies and make optimum use of the digital devices and connections that are prevalent today to make learning vibrant and stimulating for all.”

Core Benefit of Using Deeply-Digital Curricula

Deeply-digital curricula afford teachers new ways to teach, which in turn, afford students new ways to learn. Going beyond “direct instruction” with its focus on facts and dates, deeply-digital curricula support inquiry. Through simulations, students can experience riding on a particle of light, and engage in educational research to explore the phenomena underlying those experiences. Using digital tools, students can express themselves in myriad ways: audio, video, animations. Teachers can finally facilitate the learning of “why” & “how” – not just “what,” “where,” & “when”.

Collabrify Roadmap Platform Supports Teachers and Students Using Deeply-Digital Lessons

The Collabrify Roadmap Platform & the deeply-digital curricula were developed by the UMich Center for Digital Curricula with funding from the UMich College of Engineering, Lucas Education Research, Google, and the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation. Collabrify enables teachers to easily modify lessons to scaffold the needs of every learner.

  • Roadmap lessons are visual; nodes are interactive learning tasks, connected by arcs.
  • Learning activities use a suite of seven productivity tools (e.g., Flipbook, Writer, PDFpal, Map) developed specifically for K-5 students by UMich.CDC, using multiple media – audio, video, drawings, animations and text.
  • Roadmap lessons support synchronous and asynchronous student-student collaboration. Using Twilio’s Voice-over-IP, students & teachers can talk to each other through the computer – from their classrooms, from their homes, or both.
  • A Roadmap lesson aggregates all learning tasks in one “map”– students & parents find it easy to understand the task sequence.
  • Teachers & students need to learn only one interface; Roadmaps function the same across ELA, math, science & social studies.
  • Collabrify interfaces with various LMS such as Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology. It accepts Google and Microsoft logins.

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    TCET provides teachers with professional learning webinars and resources for using Collabrify & the curricula in their classroom. TCET also provides schools/teachers/students/parents with highly-available, technical support services.

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