Dr. Ting-Wen Chang
Director of the International Communication and Cooperation Center
Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University, CHINA


        Dr. Ting-Wen Chang is the associate research fellow and the director of international cooperation center in Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University (SLIBNU) for doing the research on Smart Learning as well as making many international cooperation projects since March 2014. As the director of international cooperation center, he has made more than 50 international scholars/experts as well as several oversea institutions for SLIBNU in order to create lots of international cooperation about innovative and the cutting-edge technologies of smart learning. Dr. Chang was the workshop coordinator for some key workshops of SLIBNU, such as in 2017, the 1st Workshop on VR and Immersive Learning in Harvard University, The 4th Annual International Conference “Education & Global Cities: Smart Learning for World Universities” in St. Petersburg, Russia, and The 12th edition of the eLearning Africa Conference in Republic of Mauritius. On September 2017, Dr. Chang has also been responsible for the ME310 Global Project with d.School of Stanford University.